Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Finding Space in Your Home for a Hot Tub

Setting up a hot tub in your property is not an easy job. Perhaps the most difficult factor to consider is that fact that you may not want it indoors. An indoor hot tub needs good ventilation, a secure and level floor, and of course, enough space to actually set it up. This can be harder to provide than you might expect, particularly the first point.

This is why many people opt to have their hot tubs outdoors. Ventilation is not a factor in placing an outdoor hot tub. It’s actually the weather. A hot tub that's not in use needs to be constantly covered to protect it from the elements and the dirt and debris they may carry. In the rainy lower mainland, just getting to and soaking in your hot tub can be ruined by precipitation.

For this reason, in addition to the fact that it gives you so much more privacy, it’s only crucial to find a perfect spot in your property for your hot tub. A basement room with multiple vents and a small ceiling window can be the right one, since it provides the air flow needed to ensure your hot tub doesn't cause damage to the room it is in (or the rest of your house) after it's been used.

And because your hot tub needs so much air flow, it's a good idea to avoid placing it somewhere that sees a lot of traffic or heat of its own (like next to the kitchen). In general, spare rooms and out-of-the-way basement rooms are excellent candidates, but you should think carefully before placing (or deciding on) your hot tub. It will greatly help if you will hire expert installers to do the job.

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