Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Common Causes of Flow Error in Hot Tubs and How You Can Remedy Them

Among the most common hot tubs service calls in Vancouver or elsewhere are about spas that are not heating, mostly due to a flow error. Many times, spa owners do not know that their tubs have a low flow error since the only indication is a temperature that is below the desired level. While it’s best to call your supplier to service your unit, it’s beneficial to know what causes the problem so you can prevent it in the first place.

What Is a Hot Tub Flow Error?

On each side of your spa’s heater, there are two devices that read the water pressure flowing through the system. You could also have a pressure switch that is located on your heater and has the same functions as the two sensory devices. These sensors help protect the heater from running dry. When the water flow goes down to dangerous levels, the sensor directs the system to shut down to avert a burnout. If the flow is not at the desired level, there is usually a generous amount of air in the lines, indicating that the system is running dry. Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2wLVBsr

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hot Tubs and Pain Relief: The Undeniable Benefits

Many consumers purchase a hot tub from a reputable dealer to enjoy superior levels of comfort and relaxation. However, we should also recognise the fact that these clever devices can provide impressive medical benefits. Such treatments are generally referred to as hydrotherapy. What benefits can you expect to enjoy and why are hot tubs some of the best options available on the market? 

The Main Advantages of Hydrotherapy 

Many are interested in a hot tub due to the pain relief that it can offer aching joints. This is only one of the many advantages that this unit can provide. Some other proven results of hydrotherapy include the rehabilitation of injured muscles, lower levels of mental and emotional stress, and a natural boost to the immune system.
Using Hot Tubs

Having said this, scientists have also discovered a number of hidden advantages that are quite surprising. For example, studies show that hot tubs and hydrotherapy can reduce blood pressure, ameliorate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and promote better blood circulation (important to reduce the chances of clotting in the extremities). It has even been shown that this treatment can moderate the levels of blood sugar in those suffering from diabetes. 

Although there is no doubt that owning a hot tub is a great way to escape colder temperatures, their health benefits should never be taken lightly. It is clear to appreciate why they are so very popular.