Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Hot Tub as an Aid to Meditation

A hot tub is a great way to relax. Even the vagaries of the Vancouver weather don't spoil the experience because hot tubs are good whether it's baking hot or icy cold. Soaking in the hot tub, maybe with a glass of wine, is a great way to end a busy, maybe stressful day. These kinds of days are part of modern living and people are looking for ways to relieve the stress and tension.

Many people are turning to meditation; a simple process anyone can learn and adopt wherever they are. To take meditation seriously the ideal is to have a space where you can escape. The corner of a spacious room is ideal but a specially created mediation space is even better. Outdoors is wonderful too. Not many have the luxury of a dedicated space. However, if you have a hot tub, or the space for a hot tub, you instantly have the perfect meditation location.

The hot tub already provides hydrotherapy for physical benefit so combining it with mediation provides mental and emotional benefits – the perfect antidote to stress.

To make your usual hot tub experience into a meditative spa experience is easy enough. Create the right ambience with some aromatherapy scented candles; scents like jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood promote tranquillity. You could even have pots of aromatic herbs near the tub. Bring calming music outside; preferably orchestral or sounds of nature. Set the tub to a comfortable water temperature, climb in, lean back, close your eyes and meditate yourself to peace.

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