Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Three Awesome Tips for Maximum Hot Tubbing Fun

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a hot tub, the simplest of which is to plop yourself into the tub and let the hot water massage your body. But if that’s all that you’ve been doing all this time that you’ve had your tub, wouldn’t be great if you can enhance your enjoyment the next time you decide to have a relaxing dip? Here are three tips to maximize your fun during your hot tub stay:

The right heat level

For most people, the right heat level is somewhere between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tub is located outdoors, then 104 can be perfect on nippy nights. The warmer the weather, the cooler you’ll want your tub’s temperature to be.

The right company

One of the best ways to enjoy the hot tub more is to share it with one or two of your closest friends, but your tub can seat up to six, then the more the merrier. Turn up the heat and invite a few of those whose company you love. Plan a simple get-together, where all of you can enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub.

The right time

Twenty minutes is just about enough time to spend soaking in a hot tub. You’ll get the benefits of relaxation, circulation, and detoxification within that time period. Staying in the tub longer than that can lead to overexposure, so don’t overdo it. Take a break every twenty minutes and just come back to the tub afterwards if you feel like staying in the tub some more.

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